Why I quit my job to become a masseuse – My story

A Japanese masseuse who has been doing sex work for more than a decade says she has been asked to pay her bills and even taken home to take care of her baby.But it was not until recently she started to receive threatening emails and text messages from people who believe she is doing something […]

How to Save Your Dog From Getting Dehydrated at the Spa

A masseuse is your friend.She can massage your back, your neck, your breasts, your backside, or even your entire body, with or without your consent.She’s your best friend when you’re trying to get rid of diarrhea, too.A masseur is an expert in what to do with your pet if you’re having difficulty with your dog […]

How to Fake a Sexy New Sex Worker’s Sexy Body

Sexy masseuse Nina Hartley was in a hotel room with a fake masseuse on January 4, 2018 when she accidentally let her boyfriend into the room and gave him a massage.After some back and forth about whether or not he was getting a massage, Hartley told the masseuse he was a “real masseuse.”Hartley and the […]

What Is Sexy?

An article on the Lad Bible, one of the most popular sites for dating advice and advice for women, contains this sentence: “You may also want to consider a private practice, a massage therapist, or a kink therapist.”According to the website, the “Sexy Black” and “Big Breasted” are two of those.The article then goes on […]

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