Thai masseuse to give all of her body to a lesbian masseuse

Thailand’s lesbian masseur has said she will donate her body if the country’s government grants her a divorce.Lesbian masseur and lesbian masseuser Lisa Lee said she was asked to give her body by a masseur after she complained about the way she was treated by the male masseuse who she said was abusing her.Ms Lee, […]

What do you know about a masseuse? Here are the facts you need to know!

A masseuse is an employee of a spa or other health care facility who performs massage or therapeutic exercises.It can be a doctor, a nurse, an accountant, or any other qualified person.It may include a masseur who offers the services of an individual massage therapist, a masseus who has a massage, or a massage therapist […]

When the Back Came for Big Boobs

After nearly four months of back massage, Thai masseuse and masseuse masseuse starlet Kelli Black is finally back in the spotlight.She’s back in front of the camera after a month of silence due to her breast augmentation surgery.Kelli Black posted on Instagram this week that she was back in a bikini and posing in front […]

What is the future of massage therapy?

When I first started doing massage therapy I never imagined that my business would grow so much in the next decade.As the industry continues to grow, so too does the number of people needing it.However, the number one issue I hear is that massage therapy is very expensive.The average cost per hour of a massage […]

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