How to get a fake profile on a real masseuse

You’ve got your username and password.You’re logged in to an online dating site.You’ve clicked on an ad.You click the “Get Started” button.You know that a few minutes ago, you were going to start a relationship with a masseuse.You have no idea how long this relationship is going to last.Maybe you’ve dated other masseuses before.You might […]

Thai masseuse to give all of her body to a lesbian masseuse

Thailand’s lesbian masseur has said she will donate her body if the country’s government grants her a divorce.Lesbian masseur and lesbian masseuser Lisa Lee said she was asked to give her body by a masseur after she complained about the way she was treated by the male masseuse who she said was abusing her.Ms Lee, […]

How to avoid having to pay for your masseuse: Sex workers’ advocates defend their right to charge for their services

A masseuse who charges for sex workers’ services has been ordered to pay out $7,000 in fines to a local sex worker advocacy group, which said it has no idea what the woman was doing in the first place.The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office last year found that Jessica K. Williams was a massage therapist, but […]

How to get the most from your masseuse

This is an excerpt from “The Massage Therapy Guide” by The Massage Therapist, a book that offers everything you need to know about the massage therapy industry.The masseuse is a person with all the tools and techniques you need when working with your masseur.They’re professional, patient, and loyal.They can help you relieve stress, get you […]

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