Why are men’s breasts so big?

Male masseuses can be a lot of fun.But they can also be a pain.So why are they so big, you might ask?Because they’re designed to be big.The word “big” is a bit misleading, says Laura Aiken, the founder of The Big Bang Massage Centre.“We don’t think of ourselves as being huge.We think of it as […]

What did you think of Japan’s Black Massage?

By Tanya Leung | 03 November 2016 03:17:16It might be a good idea to ask yourself if this massage is what you want.Japan’s Black masseuse videos and photos are a bit of a curiosity.The Japanese are known for their extreme sex life, which is in sharp contrast to their Western counterparts.They’re also known for being […]

How to avoid getting pregnant from a sex tape

The Daily Mail has a story out today on a masseuse who’s apparently trying to get pregnant from her porn film, and the result is something that should shock everyone: She’s got a porn star on the phone to make sure she’s all right.The masseuse, who goes by the name of Tasha Grey, is reportedly […]

What is the future of massage therapy?

When I first started doing massage therapy I never imagined that my business would grow so much in the next decade.As the industry continues to grow, so too does the number of people needing it.However, the number one issue I hear is that massage therapy is very expensive.The average cost per hour of a massage […]

Teens say they’re ‘totally shocked’ after female masseuse named after Miami beach

TEENS in the United States have responded with shock to a young woman who used a name they thought was “totally crazy.”The woman, whose name has not been revealed, is said to have named herself after the Miami beach, but the internet was quick to react, calling her “mentally ill.”The name, which means “beautiful” in […]

Chinese masseuse to appear on American reality show, but won’t be allowed topless

A Chinese masseur has announced she will be appearing on The Bachelor of Beverly Hills in the fall, but the host will only allow her topless.Nae Cai is set to debut as a contestant on the season-three premiere of the reality show on February 20.The Huffington Post first reported the news of the upcoming appearance.Cai […]

Japan’s “Indians” as “Marauders” by Japanese masseuse

A masseuse in Japan has described being called “Murderers” and “Indian Murderers” by a customer because she does not wear a hijab, a religious requirement for the country.The woman told a Japanese newspaper that she was being discriminated against for being a Muslim, despite being a Buddhist.The Japanese newspaper said the masseur, who asked to […]

Which of the bikini-clad masseuses has the best boobs?

The bikini-faced masseuse at a Miami beach resort is a beauty queen.A masseuse with a more sultry personality.An attractive brunette with a sexy smile.It’s not exactly clear who the hell these women are, but if they’re attractive enough to be a masseuse and a beauty pageant judge, it makes sense that they’d be in a […]

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