Woman gets fined after stripping naked in public, telling tourists to ‘keep your pants on’

A Chinese masseuse who stripped naked in a public restroom in Japan was fined $1,000 for causing an accident and having sex in public.Jin Chen, 28, who had previously been fined $2,000, appeared in court Monday in Tokyo’s Shibuya district where she had her lawyer present.The incident happened in December at a hotel in Kyoto, […]

How to get a tattoo of a famous woman’s face without going overboard on colours

It’s not exactly a secret: Tattoos are a huge part of modern day culture.But what if you wanted to have a really great tattoo that was completely hidden from public view?What if you were looking for a really nice tattoo that you could keep forever?Well, there’s a tattoo shop in New Orleans, Louisiana, where a […]

Which is more likely to get a massage: A masseuse or a celebrity?

Salon.com is proud to present our readers with a list of the hottest masseuses and celebrities, as voted by our readers.Please feel free to vote for your favorite celebrity masseuse and find out who the winner is in the poll below.Read more on Salon.Com: The Next Top 5 Celebs, Massage Parlors, & Celebrities of All […]

How to get a masseuse to help you: Japanese masseuse

New York, NY — — The New York Times has published a new story about the Japanese masseuses of New York City.The article is titled, “How to Get a Massage Therapist to Help You: Japanese Massage.”It’s a bit more specific than what we’re used to from other outlets.For example, they’re not in New York but […]

How to be a better masseuse nycs best sex toys

The best sex toy to have with you in your massage room is the Massage Table Masturbator.This dildo is made of real, genuine leather, is a fully functional, rechargeable toy and comes with an attachment that you can use to gently stimulate the prostate.Its designed to be used in conjunction with a Massage Therapy Massage […]

How to identify male genitalia in spa treatment

Seattle — The term “masse” refers to the male genital organs in males, and spa treatments are an increasingly common practice in Western societies.It is also a euphemism for genital surgery, which can be performed on both sexes.In this article, we will explain how the term “male genitalia” can be misconstrued and misapplied in the […]

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