A sexy masseuse in California is taking a risk by telling her business partner she will not use her real name to protect her business and her customers.

Skyler Lov said she was able to obtain a license for a sex toy shop in Orange County, California, after a man who was a customer said he was upset about the practice.

But the business owners had no idea she was a licensed sex worker.

Lov, 38, said she’s been working with sex workers for more than 20 years.

She’s also a certified sex worker and a massage therapist.

She said she did not want to use her full name to talk about the company.

She wants the customers to know they can trust her.

She told the Orange County Register that she has had clients who say they feel safe in the company, and she believes her customers are being treated fairly.

“I’m not a prostitute.

I’m a sex worker,” Lov said.

“I’m a massage and sex toy business.

I have customers.

I am not the sex workers who make up a big part of this industry.”

Lov said she is working with a partner and is not looking to sell her business to anyone.

But in order to do so, Lov said it will be 10 years before she gets her license to work in California.LOV said the first two licenses were issued in 2009 and 2012.

She said she received a second license in 2013.

The third license was issued in 2017 and was renewed this year.

She plans to start selling her products to massage therapists, but said she will only work in the state if she can get a massage license from the California Department of Industrial Relations.

The California Department for Industrial Relations website says the department can issue licenses to massage therapy, personal care services and massage therapists.

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