A Florida woman who claimed she’d been “spanked, spanked and spanked again” by a masseuse after she complained about her symptoms has finally settled her lawsuit with the masseuse.

In her lawsuit filed Tuesday, Mariah Ritz-Rieff alleged that her symptoms, which included high blood pressure, fatigue, dizziness and headaches, began to improve after she began working as a masseur in 2013.

Ritz-Reieff claimed that in November 2015, she started seeing the masseuses at the Beach Body Spa and that they had performed a series of “extreme, aggressive and excessive” massage sessions.

The masseuse allegedly began to spank Ritz at the beginning of her massage sessions and later told Ritz that she was “a little bit too much” for her.

Ritz alleges that Ritz complained to her supervisor and the owner of the spa, who reportedly told her to “get back to work.”

The lawsuit said that Riz felt “a new sense of urgency and energy” after the massage sessions ended.

“The stress and exhaustion caused by the aggressive and unnecessary spanking became a constant reminder of the pain that Rach was experiencing and she began to wonder if her condition was getting worse,” the lawsuit said.

“She felt like her body was breaking down and her mind was starting to wander.”

Ritz said that after she asked the masseur about the “extensive use of force” and the fact that he had been “bumping her up and down on the massage table,” the masseuser allegedly told her that he didn’t “need to do anything more than get up and walk away.”

Riz alleged that the owner and the spa’s owner repeatedly told her not to tell anyone about the alleged abuses, including her supervisor.

Riz also alleged that she experienced symptoms that included headaches, dizzyness and insomnia.

Ratz claims that she contacted the spa about the allegations but was told that the spa was cooperating with authorities.

The lawsuit alleges that after Ritz reported the alleged abuse, the spa owner, the owner’s son and other employees retaliated against her, harassed her and threatened to “bring her back to the bottom” for filing the lawsuit.

The case is Ritz Ritz v.

Beach Body spa, 12-cv-00415.

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