Licensed massage therapist Jennifer Stoddart and her clients are on the run from the Texas State Police.

Stoddart has been doing massage therapy for years and has been able to work in the Texas capitol and on the campaign trail.

Now she is back to do it in a more relaxed environment, but she’s still looking for the right place to work.

“We were really lucky,” Stoddard said.

“The Capitol Police was able to get the license plate number of our car, which was very helpful in getting us through the back door and out of the building.”

We were able to go to a location that had a private area and not a public area.

“We were allowed to use the public restroom and it was a pretty comfortable environment.”

The license plate has also helped Stoddards security and her ability to negotiate with the State Police as she was able for her to be in the Capitol, but it also gave her an opportunity to be out in the open, even when she was not being paid for her work.

Stoddarts husband is licensed and is a licensed massage therapist.

“I’m really lucky, I’ve had a lot of experience in the field,” Stoughton said.

“It’s very rewarding, it’s a real luxury.

It’s like a second career.”

Stoddard has been in the state capitol for three years, but says she is still working in a lot more places and that her experience has been a big part of her success.

“They are very, very, supportive of people who are doing this,” she said.

The license plates have also made it easier for people to hire her as a masseuse.

“They’ve told me they’ve been more than willing to pay me for the time that I’ve been here,” she added.

Stoughton and her husband have a two-year-old son and a 1-year old daughter, and Stodders husband is a full-time father.

She is able to do a lot with her husband and son.

“My son and I have an apartment,” she explained.

“He’s an avid gardener and we’re both very busy.”

Stoughson says she has seen a lot changes in the past year, but that it was still exciting to be able to take part in a profession that was changing and changing so quickly.

“The license is the most important thing.

It allows you to make changes in a way that’s safe and comfortable for your clients,” she continued.

“When you’re licensed, there are no laws that say you can’t make a change.”

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