A masseuse has reportedly made £2.2 million in a year from her massage business, according to the Mirror.

Marissa DeBruyn, 28, was paid £400,000 to provide massages to a string of celebrities including Kim Kardashian, James Corden and Victoria Beckham, the paper reported.

Marisa is best known for her erotic massage business and has been dubbed ‘The Sexy Massage Queen’.

She is best-known for her pornographic video series of massages, which was filmed in front of hundreds of people and has since been watched more than six million times.

Maribou, a former US president and former presidential candidate, said she wanted to help people and was inspired by her own massage routine.

“I think I’ve seen the world and done things that I could never have imagined,” she told the Mirror, adding: “I think it’s time that we start making people feel good about their bodies.”

Mariboins spa in the US is also a big name in the industry.

In March, it was reported that masseuse Nicole D’Alesandro had earned $1.3 million from a year of work.

“She’s a beautiful girl and has the best body and the most amazing body, she’s the sexiest woman I’ve ever met, she has this amazing body,” Mariboens massage therapist and friend, Andrea Burdette, told the New York Times.

Maribel was a major figure in the rise of the erotic massage industry in the UK in the 1970s and 80s.

Her sex-starved career in the 1990s saw her become a leading figure in erotic massage in Britain.

She worked as a masseuse for a number of stars including Kim Jong-il and Kim Kardashian.

In 1999, Maribel had her own sex-positive lifestyle and was recognised for her work with the charity Sexworks and has spoken out against the exploitation of the industry in recent years.

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