A Japanese masseuse who has been doing sex work for more than a decade says she has been asked to pay her bills and even taken home to take care of her baby.

But it was not until recently she started to receive threatening emails and text messages from people who believe she is doing something wrong.

“I’ve been asked so many times to pay my rent and bills and it’s not happening,” she told the ABC.

“If you’re not paying your rent, you’re probably not doing a good job.”

Ms Nakano has been working in a brothel for years and said her first job as a masseur was as a prostitute in 2007.

She was offered the same job three years later, but she said she felt pressured into accepting it.

“They always tell you to be careful, not to ask too many questions, to be quiet,” she said.

“But there are no rules about it, you can ask for a massage but it’s never given.”

She said she has never been asked if she is an escort.

Ms Keiko said she was paid about $800 per hour. “

A lot of people are embarrassed to ask, because they don’t want to be seen as a sex worker.”

Ms Keiko said she was paid about $800 per hour.

“It’s all about money, and the people who are in charge of paying the bills are usually the men who work for the brothel,” she added.

She said that in the past, the men she worked with at the brothels would sometimes have sex with their customers.

“So the men would sometimes ask for my services, and they would ask for sex,” she explained.

She also said she often had to pay men $10,000 to $20,000 just to have sex. “

She said in the early days, she would often be paid less than $20 per hour and told she would be given a massage if she wanted it.

“You can’t have sex for free.” “

That’s how I pay the bills,” she complained.

“You can’t have sex for free.”

‘I don’t know what to do’ In response to her complaints, Ms Nakanos mother took her to the police, and police raided the brook in which she works and arrested several people.

“After the raid, I saw people who I thought were the owner of the broa, and I asked them, ‘Are you the owner?’ and they said, ‘No, we don’t have any rights’,” she said, adding that they were eventually released.

Ms Nakados mother is now working to recover her lost income and said she hopes her story will encourage other sex workers in Japan to speak out about their rights.

“My story is not only my story, but all the other sex worker’s stories are similar,” she warned.

“Because they’re living in fear, they don,t know what they’re supposed to do, or they don [have] any options other than to give in to the man or to keep doing it.”

Ms Kaoru, who also works as a massage therapist, said she also has had to turn to sex work after her son’s death.

“When my son died, I was really angry, and then when my daughter died, when I found out, I became very sad,” she says.

“As a mother, I’m really angry about it.

I feel like we should have more control over what happens to our children.”

‘It’s not right’ The ABC has spoken to other sex work workers in Tokyo who have said they are often forced to take on the jobs of other workers to make ends meet.

Ms Keano said that after she was arrested for refusing to work for money, she was forced to go back to work at a brothell where she was working as a “sex worker” for 10 years.

She now has to wait three months before she can return to her job.

“There is a law against prostitution in Japan, but they do not enforce it, and if they do, they are not prosecuted,” she lamented.

The brothel owners are making a lot of money and they pay them but they don: they are making money and pay the police but they can’t get in to court.”

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