You’ve probably never met someone who was so embarrassed about their genitals that they’d be perfectly happy to use a fake penis for an internet joke.

Griffin, the comedian and performer best known for his work as a writer for Comedy Central’s “Griffin McElroy,” is known for having a big-screen persona.

He has written jokes that feature penis jokes, and his website boasts more than 20 million unique visitors a month.

But there are a few ways you can make a joke about your genitals without having to actually talk to a man.

Here are five ways to use fake penises as a joke.1.

Put on the “Facial Expression” maskGriffin’s website features a variety of masks, including one for men and one for women.

It’s an easy way to put on the persona, as you’re just pretending to be a man, or the persona is just a fake mask.

The masks can be made to look like you’re holding a penis.

You can also put on a mask with a face to give it an exaggerated look, or even one with your mouth on the mask.

The “Faces of the world” mask, by designer David DeMarco, features a smiling face.

You can make it look like someone is speaking to you.

The mask has been made by David DeCarlo, a man and a woman.

The mask is by David Gessner.2.

Have an imaginary friendGriffin is also known for performing a series of jokes where his characters pretend to be his own friends.

In one clip from a 2011 episode of his show, “Grill McElroys,” Griffin’s character, “Mr. Big,” pretends to be the “best friend” to Griffin’s wife, Lisa, and “the wife” of the person he pretends is his friend.

The character pretends he is a woman who loves her husband and his wife, and he is pretending to date the woman.

Griffiths character is called “Lana” and is also called “Mona” in the video.

The clip has garnered millions of views on YouTube.

In a series called “Families on the Rise,” Griffin talks about his wife Lisa, who he says is the best friend to his wife.

Lisa’s best friend is named “Grizzly.”

He said, “Griggy is a wonderful friend, and her husband is a great friend.

He loves Lisa, he loves her family and they’re so close.

He doesn’t want to go out.

I love him dearly.

And then I have this little girl who is not a friend.

She’s not the best thing I could have done for her.

She can be a real friend.”

A “Famous Lizzie McGuire” parody of the Lizzies is another clip of Griffin’s.

In the clip, Griffin talks to a character called “the Lizzys” and says, “Lizzie’s an amazing girl.

She doesn’t have any friends.

And she’s a beautiful little girl.

And that’s why we have a show called Lizzy McGuire.”

In another clip, “The Lizzis,” Griffin plays the character “Liza,” which is the name of the character on his website, “Comedy Central’s Grills McElrions.”

In the video, Liza and her sister Lizzi appear on the screen, and they are pretending to have a conversation about a cat and a dog.

Liza has a voice that is supposed to sound like Lizz, but Liza actually sounds like L.J., the character from the show “The Real Lizz.”

Liza is one of Griffins characters on “The Grills Macros.”

Liza’s character is “a lovely, sweet, kind, funny girl who loves Lizz and loves the show and loves cats and loves L. J.,” according to Griffin.

The voice of Liza on “Grills Macro” is a parody of Lizz.

Lizz is a “proud, lovable girl who likes cats and hates cats.”

Lizz has a “smooth, high-pitched voice.”

Griffin says Lizz is “one of the most amazing characters on the show.

She makes the best friends and loves all the people and is a lovely, happy, sweet girl.”

Lizz has the ability to change her facial expression, so she looks like she’s in a happy, healthy, normal mood.

You might be thinking, “That’s not a good thing.

It looks like Lizzy is going to look sick.

Why is that?”

Well, Griffin said, Lizz was “just a little girl at the time.”

In one clip, Lizzy, a petite, blonde woman, pretends she’s “a young girl,” Griffin said.

She pretends that she’s about 15 years old and is wearing a blue skirt, and Griffin says

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