Black lesbian masseuses are among the most popular in the industry.

But they’re also frequently abused, and a recent report found that black masseuses experience racial discrimination in their work environments, with employers using derogatory language, forcing them to work with men and using their personal information to target them.

So, what are black lesbian masseurs like?

These black women say they like to be intimate and sensual, with their hands and bodies touching each other in public.

They say they love making money by selling their own body parts.

They like to get massage and sex toys from black male masseuses who can use their own money and skills to make them.

Some black lesbians are willing to pay to have sex with their masseuses, which is illegal in the states they reside in.

Black lesbian massage therapists are often forced to work in environments that are unsafe and degrading.

The majority of black lesbian massage workers are under 18, according to the National Lesbian & Gay Task Force.

Black lesbians can expect to work long hours in poorly ventilated spaces and unsafe facilities, according a 2012 study from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which surveyed nearly 100 massage therapists.

Black women and black men are more likely to be exploited for sex than their white counterparts, according the task force.

Many massage therapists do not speak up for their rights, even when they are being abused, according an August 2016 study by the National Center for Transgender Equality.

The report found many massage therapists had not been trained in how to identify and report abuse, how to protect themselves and how to prevent exploitation.

In addition, massage therapy is considered a career option for women, making it hard for many black lesbians to enter the profession.

Black female massage therapists, according

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