A sex- ed class for a student has become a hot topic in the Indian media this week, after a video emerged of a male teacher teaching an 18-year-old female student how to handle him.

The video shows the teacher in his office instructing the student how “you should treat him as a male, not a female,” a lesson that he says was taught by the Indian Ministry of Education.

The teacher says, “I have been teaching this class for the last few years.”

He says that he and the teacher are “friends” and that he is trying to teach a “different” course, “not a normal one.”

He goes on to say that the students are “still young and are not ready to handle that situation,” adding, “When a girl is a little bit shy or shy of doing something, she should be encouraged to do it.”

He adds, “Do not treat this boy as a boy.

Treat him as your friend, not as a girl.”

The student replies, “But I can’t say that.”

The teacher continues, “You have to be a good boy to do this.

But don’t act like a girl, because a girl would not be able to handle it.

Treat yourself as a good girl, not like a boy.”

The video quickly went viral on social media.

Some people were angry that the teacher had shown disrespect to a young woman, while others were offended by the fact that the woman was “showing respect to him.”

Others accused the teacher of having a “sexist mindset.”

But this is hardly the first time a teacher has had to be fired over teaching a sex education class.

In 2015, a male educator at a school in Maharashtra was fired after a woman complained that he taught an inappropriate sex education course on sexual consent.

The woman, who worked for the district, said that the male teacher was showing “sexism” by showing students how to “deal with a boy” as a female.

In another case, a man was fired for giving an inappropriate class for young children.

“The reason for the firing was because of the inappropriate content of the class,” a senior official of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education told the Times of Israel.

In 2016, an educator in India was fired because he was found to have taught a class that was “gender neutral.”

In 2013, an administrator at a high school in Gujarat was dismissed for teaching a class for boys to teach girls how to be “girly” in order to “educate” girls, as a teacher was later quoted as saying.

The teachers were also fired over the class, the Times reported.

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