In January of this year, a local Japanese masseuse went to the spa with her boss to offer a massage to a group of people, and the masseuse’s boss noticed that some of the people were dressed in traditional Japanese attire.

The masseuse then asked if they were male or female, and one of the women said, “male.”

The masseuser then asked the masseuser if she was a male or a female, to which she said, yes.

That’s when the masseused realized the masseuses owner, a Japanese masseur named Akira, was actually Japanese. 

The spa was named after Akira. 

After this incident, the spa closed for the day and was replaced by a new model of massage.

The next day, Akira’s boss discovered that all the employees had been dressed in white, which was also the new look of the spa. 

“When you come into this spa, you are immediately recognized as an employee,” Akira told The New York Times.

“You know that you’re working for the company and that you have to wear a white shirt and a white skirt.

We are not an establishment.

We do not dress up.” 

In February, Akira also told The Associated Press that she’d been approached by several people who wanted to hire her for the same reason.

“There was this guy who said, ‘Would you be interested in a massage?'” she said.

“I said, I’d be interested.

I was a little bit surprised, but I did have a sense of what was going on.

I thought that maybe this would be a nice way to help the environment.” 

According to the Los Angeles Times, Akira is now seeking to open another spa.

The Associated Times reports that Akira told the newspaper she has had “many, many requests” to reopen the spa, and she’s looking to open a new one “by the end of this month.” 

As the Los Angles Times reports, “The spa, which opened in 2006, was a landmark in Japan.

It was the first Japanese spa to open in a U.S. city and the first Asian spa to be built in a commercial district.” 

The LA Times reports: Akira, 53, has been a masseuse for nearly two decades.

In 2009, the company began operating at her home, in a renovated house on West Beach Drive, about a mile away from her home on the beach.

Akira is the granddaughter of a former owner and has worked at the spa since 1999.

She said she’s never had a negative experience with the staff. 

In her statement, Akira told ABC News: “The experience of working in this place has made me realize that my body is the most important thing in my life.

It’s what gives me the energy, strength and stamina that I need to work every day.”

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