Thailand’s lesbian masseur has said she will donate her body if the country’s government grants her a divorce.

Lesbian masseur and lesbian masseuser Lisa Lee said she was asked to give her body by a masseur after she complained about the way she was treated by the male masseuse who she said was abusing her.

Ms Lee, who lives in Bangkok, was one of four masseurs who were asked to leave the hotel after they complained about abuse at a spa.

“The masseur was very rude, but the only thing I had to say was, ‘I am sorry, but this is not right’,” Ms Lee told the ABC.

“I don’t have any problems with women.

I have worked in some big hotels for 15 years, and I’ve never seen any abuse.”

Ms Lee said the man who she saw abused her had a tattoo of a bull’s head on his back, and she had also complained to the Tourism Department about the man before she left.

She said the hotel manager then called her and said she could leave immediately.

“He said I could stay here until tomorrow,” she said.

Ms Le, who is a massage therapist, said she felt uncomfortable at first, but said the masseuse made her feel better.

“When I saw him, he didn’t look bad.

He was very nice and I felt good,” Ms Le said.”

But he started making comments about my body and making comments like he could have anything in my body.”

Then he asked me what my breasts looked like.

I told him I couldn’t see anything.

“Ms Le said she told the man about the tattoo and that she felt safer when she could see his face.

She was also told by the masseur that he would be paying for her rent, but he insisted on paying the rent himself.”

My heart sank when I told the masseuer, ‘You don’t owe me anything,'” she said, adding she was not allowed to complain to anyone.”

And when I complained, he asked for money.

“The hotel manager has denied that he mistreated Ms Lee.

Ms Li is now living with her parents and she said she would donate her whole body if Thailand granted her a change of heart.”

If Thailand can see that I’m not a danger, and that I have no problem with women, then I will give up my body,” Ms Li said.

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