A gay male masseuse job is actually really gay.

In a new episode of the “Fashion Police,” the show’s cast and producers talk about the reality of the job and the challenges of it.

They say, in their words, that, “In the back of the room, there are no rules.”

“We have to be able to get laid,” says the cast and producer of “A Gay Male Massage.”

“It’s not just, ‘I can do this.’

It’s like, ‘Can you fuck me?’

I’m like, I’m gay.

I have a gay fetish.

I love gay porn.

I’m not going to lie to you.

I’ve had gay porn on my computer for a while.

But I was just like, this is not for me.

This is for a straight guy.”

The cast and production team of the show say that “A gay male massage is not just a sex toy.

This job is very much about sexual pleasure and sensuality.”

They describe it as a “vibrant and sensual” job, but one that is not exclusively for gay men.

“When you do the job, you don’t have to feel guilty about it,” says producer/director Michael McBride.

“You know that it’s for you.

And that’s really exciting.”

The producers and cast of the popular show “The Fashion Police” have been making the news lately for their roles in gay porn and for having a gay friend, a role they are still working on.

McBride says that they’re still figuring out the best way to work with their friend.

“The way we did it on ‘Fashion Crime’ was, we’d just put it on the Internet and have a whole bunch of people send in porn.

And then we’d go through and look at it and go, ‘Wow, that’s fucking hot,'” he said.

“We had a friend of ours who was a masseuse who was really into the gay lifestyle, and he was like, “Oh, I’d love to do this, I want to have sex with you.’

“It was kind of weird,” McBride said. “

He’s like ‘I want to do a massage,’ and I’m going, ‘Yeah, sure.'”

“It was kind of weird,” McBride said.

But the team is excited to continue the show.

“It would be a really cool project, because we’re not gay,” McBrides said.

And they hope to eventually make their gay massage into a regular part of the production.

The show is not the first gay porn series to be picked up by MTV.

In April, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” actress Amber Bracken also appeared in a gay massage.

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