As many as five men were arrested this week for allegedly attempting to take nude photos of a woman and share them with friends at a massage parlor.

In November, the woman was in a meeting at a local massage parlour when the men approached her and took nude photos, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

They then shared the images with friends on Facebook, according the complaint.

A massage parlar allegedly told police he saw the photos and decided to report the incident to police, which was later followed by the arrest of five men.

The men were identified as Joseph Rios, 37, Christopher L. Williams, 29, Joseph D. Martinez, 24, and Joseph C. Martinez.

The men were charged with aggravated sexual battery, making a false report, and possessing a weapon, the FDLE reported.

They were also charged with unlawful dissemination of personal information and unlawful use of a public computer.

The investigation began after the woman told investigators she was approached by two men who asked her to come over to their hotel room and give them nude photos.

They later allegedly told her to give them another photo.

In the meantime, the Florida woman began to receive anonymous messages from a man claiming to be her husband.

In one of those messages, she asked to meet at her apartment to get nude photos taken.

She later went to her apartment and told the men to stop taking her photos.

According to the complaint, the men allegedly left the room and went to a different hotel, but returned and began taking her photographs again.

One of the men then told her he had a camera and he was going to take photos of her from her apartment.

He then allegedly told the woman she should send the photos to her husband, who is a massage therapist, and told her she would be the best person to meet to arrange the meeting, according a complaint.

She told police she told the man to stop.

She then confronted him about taking her nude photos on her computer, which he did, according.

When she told him she was going out, he allegedly told she was being stupid, and he threatened to call the police.

He then told the victim she was making a terrible mistake, according an FDLE report.

The woman told the Florida department of law enforcement that the men left after her, and that they later told her that they had contacted her husband and threatened to report him to police if she did not come out of the meeting.

She was arrested on Thursday, according for the Florida charge.

The Florida woman told police that the two men did not want her to see the photos, but that they did not tell her why they took the photos.

She also told the FDle that her husband said he would call the authorities if she reported the incident, the Miami Herald reported.

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