A masseuse who charges for sex workers’ services has been ordered to pay out $7,000 in fines to a local sex worker advocacy group, which said it has no idea what the woman was doing in the first place.

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office last year found that Jessica K. Williams was a massage therapist, but it was unclear who was paying for the services.

The case stems from a lawsuit filed by the Massachusetts Sex Workers Alliance (MSWA) against Williams, who operates a massage parlor in Dorchester, and a massage company in Watertown.

In January 2016, Williams told the Boston Globe she did not charge for her services.

She said she was charging only for massage oil, which she also sells at a nearby convenience store.

The case against Williams is now at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, which will hear arguments in March.

“There is no way to prove she is doing anything illegal,” MSWA spokeswoman Rachel Kroll said.

“It is up to the court to decide.”

Williams, who also rents an apartment in Waterfield, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The MSWA’s attorney, Matthew O’Connor, said the group has no record of the woman being a masseuse and no idea where she is located.

Kroll said she had never heard of Williams charging for sex work.

“It is entirely plausible that someone would think she’s a sex worker,” she said.

“The reason we are here, is to protect the safety of our workers, and we are willing to help anyone who has been charged with a crime in this case.”

In November, Williams and her business were raided by police, who found more than $25,000 inside her home.

In December, she was arrested for allegedly embezzling $1,000 from the state of Massachusetts.

The criminal case against her was dismissed last month.

Kroll was unsure what the charges would be.

“We don’t know what the evidence will be, but we are hopeful they will be dropped,” she told the Globe.

Williams’ attorney, Christopher Clements, told the local Boston Globe the charges were “very serious.”

“We have no idea who this woman is,” he said.

Williams, an avid skier, has also been sued for allegedly defrauding a man of more than £30,000.

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