The next generation of men and women are looking for a way to give their bodies a little more privacy, but they’re finding it increasingly difficult to find one who’s going to be able to do it all.

A new study by the National Council for Sexual Health and Wellness found that only 4.7 percent of adult men and 6.4 percent of women surveyed say they’ve ever had an orgasm while having sex with a masseuse.

And that number jumps to 12.2 percent for younger adults and 13.6 percent for those aged 50 to 64.

The National Council on Sexual Health said it’s now the second most popular sexual pleasure seeking job, behind only sex work.

According to the report, the percentage of people who have had an orgasms while using a massage therapy service is rising.

The findings come as the internet continues to be a battleground for sex workers and the industry itself, with websites like Grindr and the app Tinder all trying to make their business models more accessible to the public.

But it’s also one of the first times that researchers have looked at the issue from a sociological perspective.

The report found that the majority of people surveyed said they felt unsafe at the moment.

While there have been many studies on the prevalence of sex workers, this is the first time the numbers have been collected on a national scale.

“People are asking for safety tips and advice, but it’s a lot harder for them to find advice on how to actually use that,” said Dr. Jennifer Storrs, a sex therapist and author of the report.

Dr. Storries said people often don’t feel comfortable discussing sexual issues, and many don’t want to talk about their own sexuality.””

People are really struggling with this now and we have to be aware of that.”

Dr. Storries said people often don’t feel comfortable discussing sexual issues, and many don’t want to talk about their own sexuality.

“There’s a stigma surrounding sex work and sex, and that stigma makes it very difficult for people to seek help,” she said.

“A lot of people are just trying to avoid talking about sex, but we know that’s not a good way to start.”

The study also found that many sex workers feel like they have little choice in how to negotiate their working conditions.

“If you want to work with someone who has a reputation for sexual harassment, that can be difficult,” said Storrows partner Dr. Elizabeth Shubin.

“Many people are afraid of their own bodies.”

While many sex work workers feel comfortable talking about their experiences and their experiences in the industry, many people also struggle to speak up.

“We don’t talk about sexual harassment in the workplace, because it’s so taboo,” said Shubins partner, Dr. David McWilliams.

“Sex work has become such a normal part of society, and it’s almost like a taboo subject.”

The report says that some sex workers might feel uncomfortable sharing their stories because they feel like doing so will only make them look bad or hurt their employers.

“Many people don’t think that they need to report abuse,” Storris said.

“They think it’s something that happens in the sex industry, but many of us who work in the field are very aware of sexual harassment.”

The survey found that there were many women who would not hesitate to tell their employers about their experience with sexual harassment.

“The women I talked to had no hesitation about talking about it,” said McWilliams, who is a licensed sex therapist.

“Some women say, ‘I didn’t think it was worth talking about.

I don’t even think I should have said anything.'”

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