Latina masseuses are popping up in advertisements from Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to attack his Democratic opponent, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

They’re also being used in ads by Vice President Pence to portray his rival as a “mascot” for the presumptive Republican nominee.

The advertisements feature a masseur who is wearing a Trump mask, which is used to mimic the facial expressions of a person being “catered” to.

“It is the latest attack on our Senator,” a voiceover says in the Trump ad.

“She is a symbol of the power of women and we have to use her as a punching bag.”

The ad features a man who is a masseus working in an office at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. He’s holding a cup and a glass of water.

A woman with a red wig is in the background, who looks like a young girl.

She holds a glass and tells the man to “keep her face down.”

He says, “You’re not gonna make me.”

After he says this, the woman appears to reach into the cup and pour the water on her friend, who is sitting on the floor.

Another person is seen in the office, holding a microphone, while another woman is standing on a stool next to him.

This person says, in the context of the ad, that he is “trying to make a point” and asks the man, “Can you do something to make this guy stop?”

He responds, “I don’t know.

Just keep your face down, you don’t need a microphone.”

The voiceover then says, “[W]hat he’s saying is that you are not gonna help me.

And if you do anything to help me, I’ll get you a mic.”

The same man who’s holding the glass says, again in the ad: “I can’t help him.

I can’t even talk to him.”

The woman then appears to pour water on the man’s head.

The man is seen smiling and holding his head up.

He’s then heard to say, “Well, I guess I can help you.”

The woman says to the man: “Can I help you?”

The man says, yes.

The voice says: “Now I want you to put the glass of milk on the table.”

The man then looks at the glass and says, very slowly, “Oh, my God.”

He then shakes his head and says in a low voice, “No, I can see that glass.”

The person next to the glass then says to him, “Look, I want to see that.”

He looks at it, then back at the glasses.

The woman then says: Now I want a glass.

“And the man says: No.

I want my glass.”

She then says the glass is empty.

The person behind the glass grabs the glass.

The woman says: Can I help?

And the man puts his hands over his head.

She says: Yes, yes, no, no.

She then walks away.

And the woman says, I hope that you know that it was a mistake.

I hope you understand that you made a mistake.

“Trump has repeatedly been accused of sexism in the past.

He is known for saying that women are “pigs,” women are the “dog breeds” and women are less productive than men.

He’s also been accused by several women of sexual misconduct and harassment, including the accusation that he grabbed their genitals in an elevator at his hotel in 1997.

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