The Irish Ministry of Justice (MOJ) said the law is aimed at preventing a repeat of a series of scandals that saw several women and children exploited and then murdered by masseuses in the country.

Key points:Irish masseuses are not exempt from the law because of the way they are employedThe law also includes those who are paid by their customers, such as massage parlors, and those who have sex with customersThe law applies to all masseuses with their customers but excludes those who provide sex with their clients.

It comes after two people were killed in a series, including one who had been working at a spa for four years.

The ministry said it has asked the Irish Health Service to set up a national helpline and the police to investigate all masseuse deaths.

“The legislation is aimed to protect the public and the health and safety of the general public,” said a statement.

“It applies to everyone employed in a massage or sexual service.”

Irish massage law has been in place since at least 2010 and is a response to complaints that masseuses were working under false identities and were exploiting vulnerable people.

A recent review of the laws found that the law was not working.

“In Ireland, there is a huge problem with massage parlor abuse,” Marie-France Nevin, a researcher at the Centre for Social Research and Policy, told the Irish Independent.

“There are some people who have been convicted of serious offences for working as masseuses, but for many of them there is no charge, they have a lawyer and the courts are very slow to make any decisions.”

A lot of the time the law doesn’t really do what the people want it to do, so a lot of people are finding alternative ways of doing it.

“The new law does not address the possibility that those who work as masseurs might be vulnerable.

It is not known whether the new law will apply to sex workers, as some other countries have.

Sex workers have faced a barrage of criticism over their exploitation.

They are not required to have licences and it is unclear if they would be covered by the new legislation.

There are many legal loopholes that make it difficult for sex workers to access justice and other rights, and sex workers in Ireland have said they are facing a litany of difficulties.

A new Irish law was introduced earlier this year, and it will be up to the courts to decide if the law should be expanded.

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