The Daily Mail has a story out today on a masseuse who’s apparently trying to get pregnant from her porn film, and the result is something that should shock everyone: She’s got a porn star on the phone to make sure she’s all right.

The masseuse, who goes by the name of Tasha Grey, is reportedly an adult performer who has performed for the likes of Jenna Jameson, Nicole Richie and Ashley Graham.

And as The Daily Beast reports, Grey says that she’s not in any way attempting to have sex with the porn star.

But she did say that she’d prefer not to have the pornstar perform on her set, as she said it would be “very disrespectful” to her clients.

The story goes on to say that Grey has had sex with “at least one other porn star” before, and that she says the masseuse has had “several sex partners” who have been “very respectful.”

But Grey says she has been “horrified” by some of the people who’ve commented on the story on her personal Facebook page, and has deleted all comments that have been negative about her.

We’re told that Grey told The Daily Telegraph that she and the porn actress were not involved in the sex tape, and she added that “she’s not a big fan of porn, and doesn’t want to have porn on her face.”

The masseur’s personal Facebook and Instagram accounts have been flooded with angry comments about the story, including one that reads: “You are disgusting!

You disgust me.”

And another says, “I want to tell you how disappointed I am with you, you filthy disgusting whore.

I hope you die.

Do not have children and I hope that you’re dead.”

It’s unclear how many people have been affected by the story so far, and we’re not sure if Grey’s private Facebook page has been updated to remove the comment.

We also don’t know whether the porn-star is still using Grey’s services, but The Daily Show is looking into it.

The Daily News reported that the porn performer had posted a link to the story in response to a comment that read, “If you are pregnant and you want to see the best porn star in the world on the scene, do not let this man fuck you with your own bare ass.”

Grey’s lawyer, Michael Rader, told The Associated Press that Grey is not an escort and does not have a business card or anything like that, and had never worked as a masseur before.

He added that Grey would not be interested in performing sex acts for the porn stars on the video.

But Rader said that Grey’s “professional reputation is at stake,” and that he’d like Grey to apologize to the porn actresses who have called on her for help.

“She needs to take responsibility for what she’s done,” Rader told the AP.

The women are hurting and there’s no other way that I can think of.”

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