A Chinese masseur has announced she will be appearing on The Bachelor of Beverly Hills in the fall, but the host will only allow her topless.

Nae Cai is set to debut as a contestant on the season-three premiere of the reality show on February 20.

The Huffington Post first reported the news of the upcoming appearance.

Cai first revealed her plans to appear in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

She also said she was “very happy” to join the reality TV competition, but that she “didn’t want to embarrass myself.”

The former Miss China and Miss Teen USA was originally cast in a reality TV show called “China’s Little Miss.”

The reality show’s producers had previously declined to reveal her name, but she confirmed her intentions to appear.

“I really want to be a part of it and be a good role model for young girls in China,” Cai told EW.

“And if they really want me to participate in the show, I will.”

Cai, 29, will not be allowed on the show’s reality reality competition, although she plans to do so as an “instrument” in the series.

“As an actress, I am allowed to play a role, but I’m not allowed to show my boobs,” she said.

“In this show, [the producers] will be more than happy to see me show my breasts.

I’m very grateful for that.”

The show’s producer, Chris Hansen, told EW that Cai’s appearance is not the first time she’s been cast in the reality series.

In the past, she has appeared in episodes of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”

She was previously on the popular reality show “Shark Tank,” where she appeared on the final season.

“You know what?

I can do that,” Cui told EW of appearing in the Bachelor of Bachelorettes.

“So I’m super grateful.

It’s my chance to shine, and I want to show the girls and all the people in China, I want them to see my beauty.”

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