The bikini-faced masseuse at a Miami beach resort is a beauty queen.

A masseuse with a more sultry personality.

An attractive brunette with a sexy smile.

It’s not exactly clear who the hell these women are, but if they’re attractive enough to be a masseuse and a beauty pageant judge, it makes sense that they’d be in a beauty contest.

What is even more interesting is the fact that one of the judges is the daughter of a bikini-bustylist.

For the uninitiated, a beauty show is a yearly contest for the best body parts in the world.

There are countless ways to make money on these shows, ranging from buying a bikini to hiring a model.

And while you may be tempted to say, “Who cares, these are not really body parts,” there’s a lot more to these shows than you might think.

They’re held in countries around the world and sometimes involve a lot of exotic locations.

Here are a few highlights: Mumbai: The Miss India pageant is held in Mumbai.

The pageant is based on the beauty contest of India and is open to everyone who wants to compete.

Each winner gets a large number of cash prizes and an exclusive limousine to be driven to their next show.

Las Vegas: The Las Vegas beauty pageant is also held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This pageant is usually held in the summer months, and includes contests for bikini and body enhancement.

There’s no limit to the number of contestants and the size of the shows.

Tokyo: A beauty pageant in Japan is held every year in the fall, when people from all over the country gather at the Miyagi Garden.

This year, the show is being held in October, which is also a national holiday.

Bubble: A bikini competition is held at a beach resort in Japan every year.

The contestants compete for a prize pool of 100 million yen (about $14,000).

It’s the first beauty contest in Japan to include transgender contestants.

Mali: A contest held in Mali has become known as the “Big Bang” or “The Big Bikini.”

It’s a competition for the top five beauty contestants from around the country.

Korea: South Korea’s “Bikini Korea” contest is held each year in April and has the largest prize pool, with the winner receiving a million-won cash prize.

Singapore: The Singapore beauty pageant, known as The Big Belly, is held annually in Singapore, and is one of Asia’s most popular beauty contests.

India: The beauty pageant called The Big Beautiful is held on the third Friday of every month at the Indira Gandhi Bhavan.

This is the fourth annual contest, and the winners are announced in August.

New Zealand: The New Zealand beauty pageant held every other year at Christchurch’s Christchurch Stadium is known as “The Queen’s Belly.”

It is a competition where the contestants compete to see who has the prettiest body.

Taiwan: There’s a beauty salon called The Queen’s Beauty that is run by a Taiwanese woman named Yoon-seong Lee.

The beauty salon has won over 200 beauty competitions and is a major attraction for the Taiwan Tourism Board.

Alicia Keys is a correspondent for The Washington Post.

She tweets at @alfactivist.

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