Here’s a glimpse of what the new Melbourne Beach Hotel looks like, and why it’s a win.

Photo: Supplied The new Hotel Melbourne Beach is a luxury hotel with an open plan, the hotel’s executive director, Lisa Glynn, said.

Ms Glynn said the new hotel was a win-win for the local community, with the hotel helping provide affordable housing and providing an outlet for people who have not been able to afford to stay at home.

“We’re seeing more and more people coming to the city from around the country to work in Melbourne and live and work in this city, but we’re also seeing more people come here from around Australia who are looking for affordable accommodation,” she said.

“This is a perfect opportunity to bring in people who want to live and invest in Melbourne as well as live and do some of the things that make this city so special.”

Ms Glyn said the hotel had been designed to cater for the needs of the local population and the surrounding communities.

“We wanted to create a unique and unique amenity that we felt was best suited for the area we’re located in,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“The idea of being able to put a little bit of a touch of colour and fun into it, to make it a little different to what you’d normally see in Melbourne.”

A key part of the hotel was its water, with glass covered terraces.

The hotel also has a fitness centre and spa.

Ms Buss said the decision to open the hotel to the public was part of a larger transformation in the area.

“People were a little apprehensive about this hotel being open to the community because it’s quite a new thing,” she explained.

“They’ve seen that as a new amenity, they’re not used to it, so they didn’t really know what to expect from it.”

It’s quite unique and it’s really exciting to see so many people come in here and have a go.

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