The term masseuses is derived from the Latin word for ‘mixed’.

It describes a person who is both a sex worker and a masseuse.

It’s also used in the medical profession, where it refers to a medical worker who performs sexual services for clients and patients alike.

For example, a doctor might refer to a woman who has been a masseur for 30 years and is a doctor.

In the Australian context, the word masse is used to refer to an escort, who is a licensed sex worker who works for people of all ages and abilities.

While many people associate the word with escorts, it can also refer to many other types of women.

For instance, a woman may work as a massage therapist, masseuse or a massage parlour.

The Australian Medical Association is calling for the term to be replaced by ‘sex work’.

Its executive director, Dr Paul McBroom, says the term is not appropriate in our society.

“Masseuses are very common in our industry and have been for quite some time,” Dr McBrooms said.

“People are working in the industry and they need to be recognised for what they do.”

Dr McWane says the word ‘masseuses’ should not be confused with those employed as a masseuser, but more specifically as a sex work employee.

He said it was important that sex workers were recognised for the job they do.

Dr McSweeney agrees.

“When people think of the word sex worker, they usually think of a prostitute or prostitute escort,” Dr McCweeney said.

“However, we need to recognise the difference between those and people who do a variety of different jobs.”

Sex workers are recognised as sex workers by the Health Services Union (HSU).

Dr McBrien says it is a shame that many people are not aware of the different roles sex workers have.

“Sex workers have been part of the industry for a very long time,” he said.

Dr McCaughn says the new term should also be updated to include the types of people who perform sexual services.

“There’s a lot of confusion in the sex industry,” he says.

“It’s not the same thing as a prostitute, for example, and it’s not appropriate for sex workers.”

Dr McCullen says sex workers are often seen as a “bunch of young, attractive, wealthy, wealthy white men”.

He says this can lead to the belief that some sex workers might not be qualified to perform the same types of sex acts as sex worker escorts.

“A lot of people have that idea that sex work is a black-market profession and people in this industry are the bad guys,” he explained.

“They’re not.”

Sex worker health issues Sex workers also face health issues including STIs and HIV.

Dr McAveety says many sex workers may not be able to access the services they need, because of a lack of funding or the stigma of being seen as ‘sex workers’.

Dr McAVeety said the health issues of sex workers can include: high levels of stress, depression, self-harm, sexual abuse and drug and alcohol addiction.

“The stigma and stigma around sex work, that’s what can lead people to take their own lives,” she said.

For more information on how to support a sexworker, see The Safe Sex Network’s guide to sex workers.

Sex worker education Sex workers have different ways of teaching their clients about the risks and benefits of sex work.

For some sex worker advocates, the key to helping sex workers and their clients become educated about the health risks of sex working is to educate the general public.

“I would say the best way to educate people is to make sex work a taboo topic and that means not having sex workers on television or in advertising,” Dr McAVey said.

In Australia, sex workers also need to become aware of their own health needs.

Dr McGurk, the chair of the Sex Worker Health Working Group at the Australian College of Psychiatrists, says there are several health issues sex workers need to address in order to live safe and healthy lives.

“One of the things that we all need to remember is that sex is not just about sex,” she explained.

Dr MacBride, the national sex worker spokesperson, said the term ‘massel’ is not always the most appropriate term to use.

“In the real world, you can’t just call someone a ‘massey’,” she said, referring to a prostitute.

Sex trafficking: ‘the real world’ is different Sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking where people are forced to work in the commercial sex industry for money or to”

If you want to refer somebody to sex work and you’re referring to someone who’s being exploited, that can lead a lot more people to think they’re a sex trafficker.”

Sex trafficking: ‘the real world’ is different Sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking where people are forced to work in the commercial sex industry for money or to

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