New York’s massage parlors have long been an important part of the local economy, but now they’re in danger of going the way of the rest of the city.

The masseuses are facing a new threat: the city is shutting them down for good.

The New York Times reports that the city has closed the massage parlor industry, which was once a popular way for residents to get a good night’s sleep and relax.

As part of its new health and safety standards, the city announced that massage parls will no longer be allowed to operate until March 2018.

The city says the move was prompted by a recent rash of injuries and infections linked to the massage industry.

The Times reports the city’s health officials have been working on new regulations to combat the problem.

The health department is planning to implement new rules to prevent massage parlaments from operating until the city comes up with a new, stronger framework to regulate the industry.

It’s unclear how long the massage business will be allowed in New York.

The massage industry is still one of the largest in the country, but the city may not be able to shut it down in a hurry.

The Associated Press reports that in the last five years, there have been 5,000 new cases of pneumonia, more than in any other city.

More than half of those cases involved people who work in the massage trade.

The news comes just days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it is “extremely concerned” about the health of massage parla­tions across the country.

The report also says the health department has not been able to identify the causes of infections, and has no clear understanding of what exactly caused the infections.

It also said the health agency is also concerned about the rise in people becoming infected by the virus that has been spreading among people in the United States.

New York is not the only state that has shut down the industry since the beginning of the pandemic.

Nevada has shut it as well, and New York has been hit by a rash of infections that began last year.

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