Las Vegas sex workers are on the rise with the rise of new venues, venues that are not only more sensual, but also more affordable.

The industry is on the brink of a tipping point, according to a new study.

It’s a time when the sex industry is in a race to the bottom for the most attractive women in the market, according the study.

The sex industry has a long history of paying the lowest wages, and that trend has only continued as the sex work industry has expanded and changed, according Jessica Clements, a senior research associate at the non-profit Center for Consumer Freedom.

The study, “Sex Work Is Paying Off: The Sex Industry Is Payting Off” from the Center for Policy Analysis, analyzed nearly 200,000 paid sex workers in Nevada from 2006-2010.

It found that the industry is paying its top performers at least $1,500 per hour, or about $1.65 per hour more than the national average.

Las Vegas was not included in the study because it’s the only large city in the United States that does not allow prostitution.

The report also found that a third of the workers surveyed said they’d used sex workers before, but were not satisfied with their experiences.

Clements said it’s important for the sex workers to recognize the benefits of working in the sex trade, even if they do not feel comfortable performing their work.

“We’re looking at a very low-wage sex industry.

It doesn’t have any social safety nets or benefits, so the work is very difficult,” Clements told ABC News.

“It can also have a very negative effect on the people who work there.”

The study also found an abundance of positive sex workers.

There were 7,822 paid sex worker jobs, compared to 2,567 paid sex work jobs by the industry average, the report found.

The median age of the paid sex industry workers was 38.6 years old, while the median age for sex workers surveyed was 24.4 years old.

However, it was not clear whether this was because the paid workers were older or because they were younger.

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