BLACK LABEUS have been a fixture in the lives of millions of people for centuries, and it’s only in the last few years that some have begun to openly talk about their experiences with them.

But some black lesbians who’ve been open about their sexuality for years are starting to feel a little more comfortable with themselves, and some have been surprised to find themselves in a position where they can actually open up about their blackness and be loved back.

“I started dating a black woman a year ago.

She’s not my wife, she’s my masseuse.

She doesn’t look like me.

But we were really open with each other,” the masseur who goes by the stage name Black Belle tells Business Insider.

“And she was so nice and supportive.

She asked me a bunch of questions and we talked about things.”

Belle says that after she and the masseuser broke up she began to feel uncomfortable about what she was seeing herself doing to other women.

She started to think about why she was doing what she did, and how she could stop it.

“So I started researching how to open myself up to other black lesbians,” she says.

“My therapist has been working with me for the last five years. “

Then I decided to try my hand at a therapy session,” Belle continues.

“My therapist has been working with me for the last five years.

And I feel like I finally have the skills and the skillset to open my own life up to another black lesbian.”

Belle is not alone in feeling more comfortable talking about her experiences with black lesbians.

The number of black lesbian masseuses in the US has skyrocketed in recent years, with Black Belle and other black masseuses like her helping hundreds of thousands of black women, and the number of gay and lesbian masseurs also growing.

And according to a survey conducted by the Human Rights Campaign, the number is set to hit an all-time high in 2019.

The survey also found that lesbian masseur rates are on the rise, with almost two-thirds of lesbians surveyed saying they are seeing themselves as a lesbian or bisexual in their own lives.

Black lesbian masseusers are a new addition to the industry, but they’re not just a niche; they’re thriving, with some saying they’ve become “a bit of a black celebrity” and even more saying they’re seeing a lot of interest from other black women.

And despite the growing visibility of black lesbians, the practice of black masseuse is still seen as something reserved for white, wealthy women.

Belle says she and her masseuse partner are still getting messages from white men that they shouldn’t treat black women like “white women.”

But she’s hopeful that, if she’s able to open herself up to a black lesbian, they’ll be more willing to open themselves up to others.

“If it means getting more people to look at me differently, then I will definitely do it,” Belle says.

But Belle’s advice for other black female masseuses to help others open up is simple: “Do not give up.

Don’t give up.”

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