An exotic masseuse with a history in the sex industry who got a big pay cut has been named the sexiest woman in America by Fox News.

The award, given to the sex worker of the year by the entertainment industry magazine Vogue, came after a video went viral that showed the 33-year-old working a male masseuse for $50 an hour.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, shows the woman working out with a male friend.

“If this guy were a female, I’d say this is a real success,” she says in the video, before offering him a massage.

“You should really be thanking me for the job.”

The video sparked a debate online, with many calling the woman a “sex slave,” while others defended her for making more money than other female workers.

“We have to stop treating these women as commodities,” Vogue editor in chief Emily Kaplan said.

“We have got to recognize their humanity.”

According to the magazine, the woman who won the award was born in the Philippines and grew up in the United States.

She has been working in the industry since she was 17.

“I have been working at the highest level for five years, and it’s a career that I am very passionate about,” she told the magazine.

“I’m very happy that I have the opportunity to work for the best companies.”

The magazine also said the woman made $1.6 million last year, up from $1,500,000 in 2014.

She was paid a base salary of $100,000.

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