A masseuse has come up with an ingenious way to make her client feel better without spending the money on expensive drugs.

The Israeli sex therapist, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Jerusalem Report she used a unique technique that has been proven to improve the body and mind of her clients.

“I have used a massage chair, which is a little bit of a weird word, and put it on top of a massage table.

Then I sit there and the masseuse will sit on top.

And when I massage her body, she will move around the chair,” she said.”

The chair will be placed on the table, and then the masseuses hands will be positioned underneath.

And then the massage chair will go back up and forth.

And it’s that sort of body positioning that gives me an instant massage.

She moves and relaxes.””

It works every time, I can see it,” she added.

“She moves and I get it all, so she feels comfortable with it.”

After a massage, the masseuser sits down again, and she is then taken to the massage room, where she is given an appointment for the next time she wants to be touched.

“You’re in the room and you’re looking at my body, and I can tell that it’s a beautiful body,” she explained.

“I can tell I’ve done my best.

So that’s why I think it’s really important.”

The masseuse said she felt a sense of “awe and joy” after receiving her massage, and that her clients’ faces “swelled up.”

“They have such a wonderful smile,” she continued.

“They are really, really happy.

And they know I’ve been there, and they feel so much better.”

The salon owner said the experience of using her technique was “incredible,” and that she hopes her work will be shared by others.

“It’s so empowering, and so amazing,” she told The Report.

“It makes me feel good, and it’s amazing to see.”

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