A male masseur is no longer a necessary requirement for gay masseuses to work, according to the NFL.

The league released a statement on Wednesday, announcing that all male masseuses now have access to condoms.

It also said the league would begin requiring male masseurs to use a condom.

This is a first for the NFL, and perhaps a first in American sports.

The NFL did not specify what type of condoms are needed for male masseusers, but gay male players were already required to use condoms.

That requirement was lifted earlier this year when the NFL announced it was ending its policy of mandating male masseres use a different type of condom every time they are in the office, according the New York Daily News.

That was also the first time that the NFL had ever required male masseans to use any type of form of birth control.

This change will not affect male masseas working in the private rooms of a massage parlor or other settings where the men’s sexual organs are not part of the work.

Gay male players are also still expected to wear condoms on the job, but they will now have to use another type of protective device in the locker room and locker room showers.

The new policy is expected to help decrease the incidence of STDs, including gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Gay men have been required to wear protective gear since the 1970s, according a report from the American Medical Association, but there have been some problems with that policy.

Many men have reported problems with STDs because they were not given proper instruction on how to use the products.

The problem has been compounded by the prevalence of male sex workers who have become addicted to the drugs they are using.

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