A masseuse in Montreal is under investigation after police allege she repeatedly made sexual advances on three men, and that they made unwanted advances to her.

The alleged incidents happened between July 1 and July 10.

In a news release, police said one of the men approached the masseuse and asked if she wanted to be intimate with him.

She agreed, and the man kissed her and then left.

A second man came up to her and asked for directions to a nearby hotel.

The third man, a masseuse who lives in the same building, said he would be willing to do the same if the woman agreed to meet him at the hotel.

He then followed her to the lobby and made a request for her to walk into a room.

She complied.

The third man then asked if he could kiss her on the lips.

The woman was not wearing a mask at the time of the alleged incident, but police say she told them that she was wearing a condom.

The police department said it would be inappropriate to release her identity for her own safety.

Police also said the three men who approached her are from the same ethnic group as the masseuses, and they all identified themselves as Asian men.

One of the masseurs said she was concerned about the impact the allegations would have on the group.

“If we were to get any kind of negative media attention, that could be harmful to the group,” said Staff Sgt. Marc Pangilinan.

The Montreal police force said in a news statement that it is cooperating with the investigation.

It said it will make a decision regarding the charges at a later date.

Montreal’s sex workers’ union called the allegations “deeply disturbing.”

“We have had no reports of this kind of abuse at the spa,” said Michel Charest, president of the Montreal Sex Workers’ Union.

“It is completely unacceptable.”

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